Why Thedal?

The origins of Hinduism (aka Sanathana Dharma) can be dated to the start of mankind. Our scriptures (Vedas, Upanishads etc) span several millennia which is also accepted by Western research. Over centuries we have encountered natural disasters, invasions and other threats, but we have emerged unscathed. Several great men have laid down their lives for the protection of our Dharma and practices.  We are eternally grateful to all of them. 

Today, we face different kind of threats. While we tackle those originating from outside, the worrisome fact is that right now we are vulnerable from the inside. We are getting fascinated by newer influences and gradually becoming ignorant of our traditional practices. This is leading to materialistic pleasures and therefore inferior quality of life. To withstand and protect ourselves from external influences, we need to reinforce ourselves with the knowledge and practices of our Dharma.

Thedal is an attempt towards this effort. Here, we will present information on our culture, answers to some of your spiritual queries, gripping stories from our epics and literature and various Dharmic practices which makes Sanathana Dharma great. Most of the articles will focus on our younger generation who have to be nurtured in our values and traditions. Today’s children are very inquisitive and are ready to follow any practice as long as they understand the underlying reasoning behind it. Hence, it is our responsibility to provide them these reasons and guide them in this path. We assure you that Thedal will be with you in this endeavor of educating your children in the right areas.

Who are we?

As a matter of fact, we are no different from any of you. We also have our day jobs, working hard and trying to earn enough to make our ends meet. We are also like you in being proud of our rich culture and traditions. And we are also guilty of dropping some of the practices that we have seen our grandparents and fathers observed. Perhaps the only difference between you and us is that we asked ourselves, ‘Can we do anything about it?’.

Thedal became the answer to that question. It helped that we are all from the same school (Sri Ahobila Math Oriental Higher Secondary School, West Mambalam) which emphasizes on our cultural values and traditions. It is where we were exposed to our epics, saints like Sri Ramanuja and Adi Shankara with due importance to Tamil literature like Thirukkural and other literary works. Our paths diverged after school, but we remained together in the search of ultimate truth and that eventually helped in collaborating for Thedal.

Learners and Seekers

We acknowledge that our knowledge in this area is limited and we strongly believe in the Tamil adage, ‘கற்றது கைமண் அளவு, கல்லாதது உலகளவு’ (Katrathu Kai Mann Alavu, Kallathathu Ulagalavu- What is known is limited like the capacity of one’s palm and what is unknown is limitless like the entire world). But we want to be learners and seekers as well. We seek the ultimate truth by following the preachings of our great sages, preceptors and teachers and their works. We also seek your blessings and kind support as we venture into this enterprise. You can support us by providing comments and suggestions and also by sharing our articles with your children and other like-minded people like you.


About the Authors

Ramalingam KV

Ramalingam K V

Ramalingam has been a resident of Chennai, and was a a student of Sri Ramakrishna mission, Sri Ahobila Math school and Vivekananda College. The association of such prestigious institutions has furthered his quest to learn and explore our rich cultural  heritage.  He is a consultant in the fitness-related industry and an author of spiritual topics by hobby.  Some of his works have been published in leading Tamil dailies.  His goal is inculcate the highest knowledge of our culture in the young minds of this generation in simple words.

Rangarajan P

Rangarajan P

Rangarajan is an engineer by profession having studied in Sri Ahobila Math Oriental Higher Sec. School, Chennai and graduated with a B. Tech Degree from MIT, Anna University. He blogs in his free time on a variety of topics including spirituality, humor, Indian Medicine and fiction.  Some of his blogs have been published in other media as well.  Please join him as he  traverses this universe across temples, philosophies, science and more!

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  1. Excellent Ranga and team, I am a big fan of the site. Hats off to your efforts and wish you all the very best!!!

    1. Thanks very much Aarthi on behalf of the team. Readers like you make us more energetic and accelerate our search for the truth.

  2. Stumbled on your blog by chance when I did a Google search on yaksha prashnam. Very informative write ups. Read a few of them and will continue to visit again. Great to see the beautiful works of ராமலிங்கம் ஜீ and ரங்கராஜன் ஜீ. In the midst of so many self centred self absorbed people it’s great to see such wonderful humans giving such wonderful information to society with such selfless intent. May your great work continue. Best wishes and lots of love.

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