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The Adi Jagannatha Temple in Thiruppullani is one of the 108 Divyadesams dedicated to Vishnu located in Ramanathapuram district.  The temple is revered in 21 verses of Thirumangai Azhwar (“புல்லாணித் தென்னன்”) in Nalayira Divya Prabandham . This temple is also referred in Valmiki Ramayana and in Kambaramayanam by the Tamil Poet Kambar.

The presiding deity is Sri Adi Jagannatha Perumal. Considering the ancient nature of the deity, he came to be known as Adi Jagannatha Peruman (Adi – ancient).  The temple is believed to have been built during the late 8th century CE, with later contributions from Medieval Cholas, Pandyas and Sethupathi Kings of Ramnad.

Theerthavari in Sethukkarai

There are numerous mythical stories about the Temple. When Lord Rama planned to rescue Devi Sita from Ravana, he decided to go to Sri Lanka with his army and encountered the Ocean on the way at Thiruppullani. Here he offered a penance by lying on the Kusa grass (Dharba) and asked for Lord Samudraraja to enable a route through the sea to Lanka. His sleeping posture on the grass bed is known as Dharba Sayanam (Pul Aani -Tamil).

As indicated by another legend, at this place Lord Rama had met Pullar maharishi under a peepal tree. It is said that Lord Rama has offered his supplications to Sri Adi Jagannatha Perumal at this place before beginning his trip to Lanka. Adi Jagannatha Perumal at that point gave Lord Rama a bow which was utilized to execute the battle with the demon king Ravana.

There is another legend by which King Dasaratha had offered prayers here and acquired the holy Payasam (Sweet Pudding) from the supreme god and offered that to his three wives. Because of this his spouses brought forth his kids – Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha, and Shatrughna. Attributable to this legend, numerous childless couples come here to pray to the god for putrapraapthi (seeking children).

The temple has a five-tiered rajagopuram (gateway tower) facing east. The shrine of Adi Jagannatha houses the image of Adi Jagannatha, Bhudevi and Sri Devi in sitting posture. The consort of Adi Jagannathar is Padmasini, housed in a separate shrine. There is a shrine for Dharbasayana Ramar in a reclining posture. There is a metal image of Krishna dancing in a snake, a rare historical depiction of Krishna sitting on Adishesha mounted on a turtle surrounded by elephants and serpents. It is believed that those who pray here  will be free of any serpent related sins and attain progeny. Right opposite to this sanctum, there is a shrine for Pattabhisheka Ramar who is believed to have manifested as the crowned king with his consort and brothers upon the request of devotees.


Important facts about the temple

Dhivyadesam No. 105
Dhivyadesam Name Thirupullani
Main Deity Kalyana Jagannathar, Padmasani, Kalyanavalli
Location Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu (Pandiya Nadu)
Architecture Style Dravidian (Chola Style)
Temple Age At least 1000 years
Azwars who did Mangalasasanam Thirumangaiyazhwar
Divyaprabandam reference

Peria Thirumozhi (1768 – 1787)

Periya Thirumadal (2674) – 21verses

Unique Specialties

Dharbasayana posture of the Lord

Peepal Tree (Arasa maram) that is several centuries old

Prayers made for  Begetting Issues, relief from naga dhosham
Popular Events 

Panguni Brahmotsavam

Rama Navami Utsavam in Chittirai

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